Providing students with skills to increase their discipline, respect and confidence level.





  • Dr. Frank DeGourville 9th Degree Black Belt in the art of Jiu-jitsu & Kenpo with 40 years of Martial Arts training and teaching. Received his 9th Dan under Sijo Steve muhammad founder of BKF 12/2011.
  • Received Phd. in Martial Arts Hall of Fame  2007 inductee
  • Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2004 & 2007 ( Dr. Jim Thomas)
  • Certified Arrest & Control Instructor for the Los Angeles Police Department
  • Teaching Martial Arts classes to the AT RISK kids through LAPD Boot Camps (1995 – Present)

 Through his structured program the students are more focused and become leaders in diverse arenas, professional athletes, law enforcement, medical and legal just to name a few.


While learning Jiu-Jitsu and Kenpo, all students gain discipline, stamina, inner strength, nobility, humbleness and respect for their fellow humans beings, as well as a knowledge in human anatomy and nutrition.


The benefits all my students receive under my coaching techniques will be rewarding because they will gain mental, physical and spiritual balance with a high respect for mankind.  Martial Art is taught as a way of life and is utilized as a vehicle to promote non-violence. 


Professor DeGourville has trained over 16,000 thousands students in the Los Angeles area, 300 Black Belts and 25 Sensei’s ranking from 2nd to 6th degree Black Belt. He has held many titles in competitions in the middle weight as well as the heavy weight division.  Professor has recently competed in the Pan Pacific Caribbean Tournament (NO GUTS NO GLORY- 2007) in Trinidad and won two goal medals in kumite and self defense technique.


Over the years he has attained numerous accommodations from LAPD Chiefs of Police, former and current Mayors and other Los Angeles City Officials for nurturing and setting great examples as a true mentor through the AT RISK program for kids in the South Central Los Angeles area. 

Professor DeGourville also offer Protective Services to celebrities, professional athletes as well as personal training through his company, Frank Enterprise Universal Regulators (FEUR).



Frank DeGourville 111

Cedrych DeGourville

Ronald Flenoy

Angel Orellana

Jonathan Gonzalez

Yalisha Daniels

Claude Wilson

Michael Toomer

Charles Robinson

Luis Anaya

 F.E.K.S. Karate Special 
 3 Months -  $99.00 includes
 1 free uniform


Los Angeles:

Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7:30PM

Las Vegas :

Saturday 6-7PM


Universal School of Street Fighting -Books- 1982 published
Author:Frank DeGourville = $5.00 (Text  on FEKS)
DVD= $35.00 ( Techniques & Katas)

Frank's Enterprise Karate Studio
(Home of Discipline)
948 W. 59th place
Los Angeles, CA 90044


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